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Ten Trends of Kitchen Design

There are many trendy aesthetics and cutting-edge appliances to choose from due to the emergence of hip new kitchen companies, an abundance of creative design concepts, and modifications of traditional appliance designs on exhibit at kitchen showrooms around the world.

  1. A Social Kitchen to Greet

A rounded island comes into its own while entertaining, especially in open-plan kitchens with several entrance/exit points, making it simpler for visitors to mingle and facilitating fluid passage between areas.

Moreover, a curved island may include a larger seating space, enabling visitors to dine and converse in comfort around the kitchen island.

  1. Calming qualities

While looking for open-plan designs that reflect the multipurpose character of modern houses, homeowners should focus on zoning tactics like islands and dining areas. When customers search for methods to exhibit their favorite items, open shelving has gained more popularity as it is now utilized for working and entertaining in addition to cooking.

Since homes seek a calm atmosphere, neutral colors are becoming more and more fashionable although blues and greens are still in style.

  1. Attractive Shelving

Material from the countertop was carried up the wall to shelves or cabinets’ bottoms. Now that the splashback’s edge has been removed, we are using it to create more of a feature. A kitchen’s elegance is greatly increased by the addition of thoughtful curves and delicate finishes, which also enhance the stone’s attractiveness when viewed from different perspectives.

  1. Wood Flooring

Its ability to remain classic and blend stainless steel equipment with synthetic high gloss surfaces in the kitchen should not be undervalued. High-shine, harsh natural surfaces like quartz and marble are softened by the proper tonality.

  1. Freestanding Furniture

More and more homeowners are trying to include standalone furniture in their kitchen designs as a departure from the conventional. Fitted kitchens are not expected to go out of style anytime soon, but freestanding furniture is becoming more and more popular.

  1. Splashback Feature

A kitchen’s elegance is greatly enhanced by the addition of thoughtful curves and delicate finishes, which also enhance the stone’s attractiveness when viewed from different perspectives.

  1. Smart Storage

The secret to making the space work harder is to always create a good arrangement with enough room to keep clutter out of sight. Consumers like spacious, convenient storage options, such as larder cabinets with huge openings and pan drawers in islands.

  1. Eco Credentials

Sustainability is a major consideration when making purchases across the board and the kitchen is no exception. Working with brands that are cognizant of sustainability is becoming more common, as was to be anticipated.

The focus is on where resources come from, what materials are utilized, and how to renovate on a budget.

For many homeowners, sustainability has become a way of life. As our houses become more ecologically conscious, this trend will continue to grow and change over time.

  1. Supersize the Sink

Granite and steel sinks, as well as those with copper and gold accents, are popular for their color and quality. Customers will always seek sinks that are scratch-resistant and simple to clean, especially in areas where lime scale buildup is a hassle. Because of this, porcelain sinks are frequently used, with under-mounted sinks assisting in maintaining order.

  1. Integrated Appliances

The trend in kitchen design is still towards integrated, concealed equipment because of the demand for clean, uncluttered areas. The aesthetics of the equipment that homeowners are incorporating into their kitchens are being closely examined by homeowners. Hence, concealing solutions which produce a streamlined finish without compromising style—is an important factor.


The kitchen designs can be incorporated keeping in mind the need and also the structure of the house. It also depends on the kind of place one live in and the surroundings. Epica brings the dream kitchen into the picture from technical assistance to appliances and setup.

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